Update on The Advent Book

The Heirloom Edition was designed to be a treasured family tradition and heirloom.  It has the same inside pages, gold debossing, lush cover matte finish, gold gilding on the page edges, and double-sided ribbon ties features that readers have enjoyed since 2008.

We have great news~ There will be new printing of Heirloom Edition of The Advent Book available soon!

A reprint of The Advent Book is always a challenging endeavor, but even more so this year due to the worldwide effects of the pandemic, Overseas shipping has became particularly difficult and expensive. Printing enough books to last for just one season is too costly; however, producing more means that we cannot recoup the reprint cost through a single year of sales. To help with the immediate costs, we are offering a discount for preorders in boxes of 4, 6, & 8. As part of our agreement with bookstores, single copies of The Advent Book are never marked down, so this is a rare opportunity to purchase books at a discount.

Order your copies on our store page using the Purchase tab at the top of the menu bar above.